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Why choose a Podiatrist ??

Why are you best seeing a Podiatrist for certain procedures?

Regular visits to your PODIATRIST can help you manage and prevent an ingrown toenail,Podiatrist will help releave any pain and help keep you on your feet and keep you mobile.The importance of looking after you feet is as important as going to the dentist. Having regular check ups is equally important.From time to time we have patients really wishing they had come to The Lawrence clinic sooner. People with Diabetes have to see the Podiatrist on a regular basis, it is important to see the Podiatrist immediately if you are suffering with your feet and are Diabetic due to circulation problems.

Podiatrist are highly skilled health professionals and are trained to deal with the prevention,diagnosis,treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and also lower limb problems. Many conditions including lower back pain may be to do with the position of your pelvis, this can be helped by seeing a Podiatrist.

Our Podiatry service is run by highly experienced professionals who have experience in all fields off foot pain, and have worked with professional sports personalities.

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