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Ingrowing Toenail Surgery Leeds

The Lawrence Clinic is NOW OPEN

For those patients who have been suffering with painful and infected ingrowing toenails that clearly require a surgical solution.

We are here to help NO WAITING LISTS

Just call The Lawrence Clinic and arrange your appointment on 0113 2900310

You can also reach The Lawrence Clinic Reception Team by using our 'Contact Us' form


During this COVID - 19 crisis we are also providing for NEW and Existing patients an emergency FREE ONLINE VIDEO CONSULTATION

Click on the button below which will take you straight to our Online Video Site

Our team of Consultant Podiatric Surgeons and Specialist Podiatrists will assess online your condition, ask about your current general health and any medication you have been prescribed, and advise as to whether you require treatment

If so, we will explain the procedure you will require to cure your Ingrowing toenail

You will have every opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish, following which you will receive an appointment for your Ingrowing Toenail Surgery from our Reception Team

Private Medical Insurance

For those patients with private medical insurance, it is advisable to contact your insurers prior to arranging an appointment. We understand that most insurers have agreed to cover Online Video Consultations

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