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Treatment for Ingrowing Toenail surgery.

Ingrowing Toenail Surgery in Leeds  (PACKAGE PRICE £280.00 INC FOLLOW UP FOR REDRESSING

An INGROWING TOENAIL is considered a very common problem where the toenail, which grows in your skin becomes embedded as the nail grows. The toenail not only causes pain but the ingrowing toenail may also get infected if it is left untreated and not seen by a podiatrist.

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At our clinics THE LEEDS BACK AND FOOT CENTRE in Bramhope and the LAWRENCE CLINIC in Pudsey Leeds, the podiatrists have the expertise with this condition and deal with ingrowing toenails on a daily basis. People are waiting far too long on waiting lists and can have this procedure within one week of seeing our Podiatrist

The Result of Treatment at the Nail Surgery Clinic

Before surgery

Before surgery

After surgery

After surgery

Treating an ingrowing toenail is a routine procedure. The procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic and the result will have a good cosmetic result.

What Will Happen?

If there is no infection, the podiatrist will smooth and edge off the nail and remove any offending splints on the patient’s first appointment.

What If There is Infection?

You may require antibiotics to reduce inflammation and infection. However, please note this is not a cure. An ingrowing toenail will still most likely need to be removed surgically.

How We Remove the Nail

Podiatrists at our centres specialise in partial nail avulsion. The procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic and will have a good cosmetic result.

During this routine procedure the podiatrist removes just the offending nail section and any tissue that may have been formed, whilst maintaining the rest of the nail plate. The nail bed is cauterised with phenol and the toe is then dressed. Patients will be seen weekly until healing is complete.

You also have the added benefit of the added service if needed TOENAIL RESTORATION SERVICE, if you do not like the look of your toenails our podiatrists can help you with this situation,once a patient has the toenail restoration they can benefit from seeing our BEAUTICIAN who can give a total  pedicure and polish.

Other Toenail conditions

Ingrowing toenails are not the only cause of painful toes. Our podiatrists can advise and help with other nail conditions including:

  • toenail trauma
  • black toenail
  • bruised toenail
  • infected toenail
  • fungal nail infections
  • toenail discolouration


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