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Effective treatment for ingrowing toenails

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Surgical Treatment for Ingrowing Toenails


All procedures are undertaken in an Operating Theatre Suite under very strict sterile conditions

During the COVID -19 Crisis all surgical staff will be taking extra precautions by wearing full PPE - personal protective equipment. All patients will be issued with a protective gown, mask and gloves.

There are 3 procedures we regularly undertake in performing Ingrowing Toenail Surgery.

The procedure of choice is dependent upon each individual patient case. We will prescribe a procedure that will both cure your Ingrowing toenail(s) and provide you with an excellent cosmetic result.

Partial Nail Avulsion

Under local anaesthetic, a partial nail avulsion involves the removal of the offending nail section ONLY, whilst maintaining the rest of the nail plate.

This procedure is widely documented to be shown to have over an 98% success rate.

Two small injections will be given at each side of the base of your toe, the anaesthetic takes 5 -10 minutes to take effect and can last up to 4 hours.

You will feel no pain during your ingrowing toenail procedure and retain the sensations of both pressure and touch.

A tourniquet ring will be applied to the operative toe(s) to prevent bleeding during the procedure

If your ingrowing toenail presents with hypergranulation tissue, this is surgically removed prior to performing the nail section.

Once the nail section has been removed, the corresponding nail bed is cauterised with a chemical called phenol to prevent regrowth.

It is essential that the process of phenolisation is undertaken for a maximum of 3 minutes to achieve cauterisation of the nail bed and prevent any regrowth of nail tissue.

Your ingrowing toenail surgery will take no longer than 15 - 20 minutes, following which you will be kept for another 15 minutes with your foot elevated and dressings checked before we discharge you home.

Complete healing is usually between 2 - 3 weeks and requires no time off work or school.

Before Ingrowing Toenail Surgery
With hypergranulation tissue

Total Nail Avulsion

Under local anaesthetic, a total nail avulsion involves the removal of the entire nail plate and cauterisation of the complete nail bed.

Complete healing is usually up to 8 weeks.

This procedure is generally used for thickened, damaged and/or fungal nails.

Before, thick fungal nail

Winograd's Procedure

Under local anaesthetic, this procedure involves surgically removing both the nail plate section and the corresponding nail bed.

Sutures are used to close the wound which are removed after 10 - 14 days.

Winograd's procedure

This procedure is generally used to promote rapid healing with those patients that present with systemic health issues e.g. Diabetes, poor circulation.

Preparing for your Ingrowing Toenail Surgery, on the day

You can eat a light meal before the procedure, do not drink alcohol.

Do keep taking any prescribed medication, unless otherwise advised by your Podiatrist or Podiatric Surgeon who is performing your surgery.

Ladies, please remove all nail polish.

Our post - operative dressings are not bulky, but some patients prefer to bring a slipper or training shoe to change into after their surgery.

We advise that patients should NOT attempt to drive home with a numb foot as this may affect your motor vehicle insurance, therefore we advise you arrange for someone to bring you to and from the clinic.

Rebecca checking patient's blood pressure prior to surgery

To avoid possible injury, we advise you should not travel home by public transport.

Those patients under 16 years of age, must be accompanied by either a consenting parent or guardian, and may join the patient in theatre.

Whilst in theatre, you can bring with you your mobile phone, tablet and headphones. Theatre is equipped with a remote controlled TV and Wifi.

What to expect after Surgery

We advise that when you return home, that you rest with your operative foot elevated for a couple of hours and take pain relief medication as directed e.g. Paracetamol,Neurofen. Those patients who have been prescribed Warfarin are now advised not to stop their medication prior to their ingrowing toenail procedure.

Our patients report little or no pain or bleeding into the dressings after their operation, we do supply all patients with take home sterile dressings should this occur.

Patients are advised to keep their dressings clean and dry for 24 hours following their ingrowing toenail procedure.

Patients are seen for their first redressing appointment the day after their procedure, advised how to redress their toe(s) daily with sterile dressings that we provide. Should patients encounter any post-operative issues, we operate a 24 hour Podiatry on-call Service.

Patients are seen weekly until your surgery is completely healed and then discharged.

Returning to Sport

We advise our patients to wait until your wound is completely healed before returning to any sporting activity.

Time off Work or School

We class ingrowing toenail surgery as a minor procedure, as such patients can should they wish return the following day to work or school.

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