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Ingrowing Toenails and their Treatment

Many patients who visit our clinics complain of pain on the site of the ingrowing toenail. The area of pain may be hot, red and swollen and often patients are presented with discharge to the nail. The discharge will be a sign of infection in the area of the ingrowing toenail and will most likely require antibiotics. Patients should not try to treat ingrowing toenails themselves; they should always seek a Podiatrist with a number of years experience.

Ingrowing toenails is when a nail grows into the flesh and becomes infected. Ingrowing toenails is a common condition and sometimes a patient’s first port of call will be to seek advice from their GP who will prescribe antibiotics. This is not a cure, but it will remove the infection for a short while. However you should always seek a podiatrist’s advice on the ingrowing toenail. This condition is a common complaint and can affect people of all ages, from adolescence to the elder.

Ingrowing toenails can be caused by the following.

  • Infection formed under the nail
  • shoes that may be too tight
  • socks that may be tight
  • incorrectly cut toenails
  • trauma due to injury of the nail
  • poor hygiene
  • foot sweating.

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